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  • by Angela Chan, Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church

    As a girl consumed by wanderlust, experiencing other cultures and meeting people with different lifestyles and backgrounds is one of my greatest passions. On Tuesday, I was able to satisfy my desire for both these activities when several students from each church were selected to complete the challenge of purchasing the fruits we would be handing out at the garbage dump the next day. We rode the bus to a nearby fruit market where we had twenty minutes to purchase as much fruit and as many different types of fruit as possible, as well as learn the names of the vendors. During this short period of time, we ran to as many stalls as possible to compare prices and used my limited Spanish to bargain for larger quantities. Amidst the pressure of our challenge, I was able to pause and take a look around at the hustle and bustle of the market and the interactions between the buyers and sellers. The scene around me was truly amazing, seeing it occasionally on television shows but never in person. The vibrant colours, sounds and smells blended together in harmony to create a type of beauty that was so easy to fall in love with and representative of God’s creation and creativity. Being amongst Peruvians who were just completing a common activity in their weekly routine allowed me to experience an aspect of their culture that is so simple yet foreign to a Canadian like me. The mere size of the market itself was enough to shock me, never having been to a market of this calibre with this many options. The challenge also gave me an opportunity to converse with the local merchants rather than simply purchasing and departing, which provided insight into the lives of the sellers who would arrive early in the morning each day with the fruits that many of them had grown themselves. Despite only being there for less than half an hour, I was able to immerse myself in this culture that is so familiar to many Peruvians yet so exceptional in the eyes of a foreigner, creating lasting memories that will further my love for travel and the beauty of God’s creation. 


    On Saturday, July 8, 2017, Jennifer Liu said:

    So smart and energetic girl!


    On Friday, July 7, 2017, Sofie Ye said:

    Proud of you. Good Work.


    On Friday, July 7, 2017, Dennis Chan said:

    Angela, wonderful that you can apply your shopping 'talents' in the Peru ministry and recognise the beauty of God's creation in all different ways. Yes, we are all created different but all of us are God's beloved children with different 'colours' and 'smells'. God wants to use us in any way that will show His glory and mercy upon us. Praise the Lord!


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