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  • Jul3Wed

    Video Blog: Isabella

    July 3, 2019
  • Jul3Wed

    Seeing the Difference

    July 3, 2019 by Mission Peru Media

    written by: Teresa Yang

    By today it’s been over half of our trip here! I’m excited to go home and finally take a hot shower and sleep in my comfy bed. Also I’m sad that we’re already leaving soon. I’ve made new friends with the other churches and have made many new great memories.
    One of my favourite...
  • Jul3Wed

    Digging Deeper – My Journey in Peru

    July 3, 2019 by Mission Peru Media

    Written By: Sammy Dods

    Our journey began in an airport, a sea of students in red Inca Link shirts. We traveled by plane taking up rows of seats. When we landed in Peru we filled two buses and a van in red. At the end of our journey, we reached the Inca Link compound surrounded by 15’ walls. After we landed in Lima it didn’t...
  • Jul2Tue

    Video Blog: Rachel

    July 2, 2019
  • Jul2Tue

    Video Blog: Daniel

    July 2, 2019
  • Jul2Tue

    The Extra 10%

    July 2, 2019

    Written by: Josetta Shum


    Happy hump day, we’re halfway through! The past 5 days have been a wild ride.  
    Coming to Peru, I wanted to see how different people from different cultures celebrate God and His great Son. The first thing I noticed is that the locals seem a lot more joyful that Jesus died for us than we are. One...
  • Jul2Tue

    Choosing Joy

    July 2, 2019 by Mission Peru Media

    written by:  Ashlin Maenpaa

    Yesterday, Redwood, along with Bramalea, went to sing songs and do skits for the kids. When we first got there, we danced around with the children, and they showed us their dance moves. It was a blast! After that, Redwood sang Father Abraham and Peace Like A River, and had such a fun time dancing with the kids....
  • Jul1Mon

    Video Blog: Nathan

    July 1, 2019
  • Jul1Mon

    Video Blog: Alayah

    July 1, 2019 by Mission Peru Media
  • Written by Michael Wright

    Today we visited another place involved in the Inca Link ministry. Our group from Bramalea Alliance Church had created a couple of performances and interactive lessons alongside Thunder Bay’s group.  It was awesome! When we came in, we heard about the story of Isaac and Abraham told by one of the children...

About Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo is a city in coastal northwestern Peru and the capital of La Libertad Region. It is located on the banks of the Moche River, near its mouth at the Pacific Ocean, in the Valley of Moche.

This was a site of the great prehistoric Moche and Chimu cultures before the Inca conquest. expansion. It is the centre of the second most populous metropolitan area of Peru and most populous city of the North macroregion of the country.

Trujillo, Peru

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