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The 2019 Trip is Coming!

Dear Mission Peru Partners,

I hope that you are well, and that God has been encouraging you over this past ministry year. Some of you I do not know because I have been out of the youth world for a while. My name is Graham Buchanan, Community Connections Pastor at West London Alliance Church, and I am one of the youth pastors that started Mission Peru. Over the past number of years, I have been in a behind the scenes role focusing on vision and overall impact. I have not been down to Peru with a team since 2012 as Dave DeSmit, our youth pastor, has led teams since my role changed out of youth ministry. In the past number of months, I have taken on the role of directing Mission Peru. I have talked with Travis Lacey and Dave DeSmit and the district office. It made the most sense to us that for the time being I would oversee Mission Peru and build a team over the next number of months.

Let me get to the reason for this message. Mission Peru is still happening!! Over the past few months we have gone through some transitions, but we believe the vision is still intact and fruitful.

We exist to provide high school students a first time oversees missions experience. We want to partner together here in Canada to partner with local churches, CCD youth ministries and Inca Link International to see God’s great work in another country. We want to serve, pray and encourage those churches in Trujillo, Peru that we are on mission with them. And in doing so we want to see God’s truth explored and experienced in the lives of youth in our churches. It has been a privilege to witness how God has used Mission Peru to transform the lives of the youth as they begin to explore what it means to live in a world where the majority of their brothers and sisters in Christ live below the poverty line. It is incredible to see youth coming home knowing with certainty that they can no longer continue living the way they had been - with a new passion to take seriously the gospel's command to take care of the poor among them.

We have had 14 churches participate in the past years. Our hope is that more churches will join us. We typically have one team go down to Peru per year, with churches alternating the years they serve every two years. We strongly encourage high school students to be in their last two years of high school to get the most out of their experience.

This next year we are offering two trips for churches to sign up on. We have 40 spots confirmed for both and as you can imagine those spots fill quickly.

We have two dates. One in March Break and on in the start of the summer 2019. The tickets we have are March 6-15. Flying directly out of Toronto to Lima. The trip in June is tba as we do not have ticket info at this time.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Doing short term missions with youth can feel daunting, but we are here to walk you smoothly through the process. If you have never done missions or think your church group is too small, you are why we do what we do. We are better together as churches serving God as a family
  • Mission Peru provides youth with a life transforming first experience with missions
  • We have a registration package that we have attached within this email
  • We have a group coordinator, Nikki Rowaan, who has been an intern in Peru and has helped lead a number of teams. Feel free to email her at missionperu.alliance@gmail.com 
  • We will help with training and equipping your church to go and serve well in Peru
  • We will help remind you of the important pre-field timeline (i.e. getting vaccinations, fundraising goals, etc)
  • Deadline for group signing up for March is first come gets the spots. I will close group spots by end of August.
  • Cost is $2450 per person
  • We can help assist you in fundraising needs and help you come up with some creative fundraisers that would work within the context of your church community
  • To reserve your spots a check for $100 per person is required to be sent to the district office marked Mission Peru.
  • We will help facilitate an all-day team training intensive, a couple of months before the trip
  • We will help equip you to have post-field debriefs after coming home to encourage on-going fruit in your youth

Moving forward:

  1. Contact me ASAP if you are interested in order to reserve your spot.
  2. Host a parent and student meeting to help explain the vision and mission for the trip. Here, you will hand out application forms as well as waiver and consent packages to parents.

We are so excited to partner with you and trust that God will continue to use Mission Peru to build up His global church. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have, we are happy to connect with you!

Graham Buchanan
Mission Peru

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