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    Day 2

    March 13, 2020
    Hello Everyone!

    Today was another full day. We are currently slowing down for the evening, about to have dinner. 

    This morning, we woke up and had some time in God's Word, reading John 13 about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. 
    After breakfast, we all got in our work gear and did some yard work on the compound! We had Kaden sanding a huge door that has rust on it. Three girls worked on putting stakes in for a garden, two boys used machetes and hacked away at some foliage, and the majority of the group worked on weeding and leveling a volleyball field. First, we got all the weeds off, then we used a pick ax to break up the hard soil and used rakes and shovels to flatten the land out and break up the chunks. It was very hot but we finished the whole project!

    Then we had a break for lunch (and a siesta fiesta!!) 

    After our afternoon break during the hottest part of the day, we headed onto a bus and headed to a different location for Amijai. The students put on a skit of David and Goliath and sang songs together. Then we did a craft making a bunny with a sock and rice! Then we played a long game of Octopus. The students all really connected with the kids and did not want to leave at the end of the day! Some of the boys chased the bus as we were leaving and it really tugged at the student's hearts. 

    "It was really impactful to see the kids' hearts, that they deeply wanted to be loved by us, even though they didn't know us!" -Maddie 

    "I've never enjoyed such hard work!"- Kaden 

    "I really enjoyed having fun with the kids, even though we were getting dirty and had trouble speaking together, but we still had so much fun!"- Dami

    Tonight we are resting and doing devotionals. Please be praying for our time in small groups tonight!

    Everyone is holding up really well! Please check out the photos in the album and see our updates!

    We are doing great! 

    Mission Peru 2020

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