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    Written by: Kaelin Williamson
    So far on this trip I can see how God is working in the lives of the people on the team and the people who live here. Working with the kids has brought me a lot of joy, even though there is a language barrier, you can still connect with them. The kids themselves are still so full of joy, running to you, saying “hola” giving big hugs, jumping on our backs ready to play. It’s also so amazing to see the mother of the children working so hard and always having a smile on their face. 
    One of my favourite experiences this trip was with one of the ministries Mana, it was at one of the women house, ‘Josita’s’ which is a neighbourhood ministry, where there is a children's program outside of her house, on the side of the road. I really enjoyed doing the skits for the kids and getting to meet the moms of the children and seeing them work by doing what they love to do. I saw them making beautiful scarfs, hats and shoes. 
    One experience that happened today was we went to the origin place where Inca Link was started, Pastor Eli marched us all into an inactive dump. He began to tell us the story of the dump and dump ministries, he told one story about the kids in the dump and painted a vivid picture of the kids, searching through the trash and eating the food that was discarded. This made me feel sad as well as happy since now the kids are no longer there in the dump and the dump is now inactive and the kids are not allowed to be or work there. 
    After lunch we went to S7 which is an extension of Elim the a dump ministry. I had a great time playing with the kids at the park. I met one girl her name was Samantha, she was 4, we played on the swing set, I asked one of the Inka Thakhi boys Chino to help translate and help communicate which was really helpful. 
    Right now I'm having an amazing time, and growing in my faith a lot, by trusting in God and fully relying on God for everything and anything. The biggest thing I’ve learned so far this trip is; I don't need money or any materialistic objects, if you have God in you and you will be satisfied and full of love and joy in your life. 


    On Friday, July 5, 2019, Trina Wright said:

    Hi Kaelin, This is Michael's mom. We are here to encourage all of you and your efforts on this mission. We will pray that even as you come home, you will remember how to be satisfied and content in your life with or without money or materialistic objects as you apply your deeper relationship to God. May God bless you, sincerely, Trina


    On Friday, July 5, 2019, Robert Williamson said:

    I’m so glad to see the good word you're doing for the kids and doing it all to glorify God.


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