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    Lets Get This Started

    June 27, 2019 by Mission Peru Media

    2019 Lets get this Started!

    by Kathryn Ferragina

    Hey everyone, 


    Welcome to the 2019 Mission Peru trip! From June 28 through July8 , we will be hanging out in Trullio, Peru. It seems like only a few short months ago when we began planning the 2019 trip; now it’s here! 


    My name is Kathryn Ferragina and I’m your official media gal for the trip! For me, this will be my second trip with Misson Peru and third time going to Peru (2013, 2016, 2019) 


    There are a few ways you can follow alongside us over the next week. 


    • 1  The website: www.missionperu.ca. This will be your best source of up-to-date information including photos, updates, blogs and video.
    • 2  Twitter: @missionperu. The news feed on the front of the Mission Peru website is actually powered by Twitter. If you’d prefer to just add us to Twitter, feel free.
    • 3  Our Official Facebook Group: www.missionperu.ca/facebook. This is an awesome place to hang out and engage with others.
    • 4  Instagram: @missionperu. I won’t be posting a ton on Instagram that you won’t already see on the website, but if that’s your social media language, definitely subscribe to it. 


    I would encourage you to write comments on the blog posts and/or our Facebook page. Each day, I will take the opportunity to read a number of them to the group during our devotional time in the morning. Note that when I’m reading the comments, I’ll often refrain from using names so that the entire team can be encouraged, instead of just one individual. If there’s something *extremely important* that you want me to specifically relay to someone here on the ground, send me a private Facebook message. 


    As far as “when” I’ll be posting stuff, it will vary. Based on my experience from previous trips, it will probably be either very late at night, or in the wee hours of the morning. Remember (after Spring Forward tonight) Peru will be 1 hour behind EST. Most blog entries, videos and photos for the day will be posted by 2am Peru-time / 3am EST. 


    Therefore, I’d suggest that instead of waiting up at night hoping to see the daily updates, that you get a good night’s rest and visit the website over a cup of coffee (or two) in the morning. The other unknown is Internet. If we go a day or two where you haven’t seen any updates, don’t worry about it! The Internet is very touch-and-go in Peru, so “no updates” simply means “no Internet”. I will do my absolute best to try and get something new up every day (even if it’s just a message in the Twitter feed saying, “Internet sketchy. Things are going great.”) 


    Thank you for your continued prayers. May God use us to encourage the people of Trujillo and to edify Him in all that we do. 


    Thanks and Blessings, 

    Kathryn Ferragina
    Your Official Media gal for the 2019 Trip 


    On Monday, July 1, 2019, None said:

    Hello Mission Peru team,

    First of all, I want to say thank you. Seeing all the pictures and videos makes me feel encouraged. I praise God for all of you who has answered God's calling. I also praise Him for your serving heart.

    This morning, I was reflecting on my own calling. God's Kingdom is indescribably and majestically vast and wide. Sometimes, I have doubts and feel very inadequate. Struggling with my own sinfulness and vulnerabilities, how can I give when I feel like I have no more to give?

    Father reminded me two things this morning, and I hope to share it with you. His love reminded me that love can be learned. And because of love, short term missions, even it may sound like by its name, are never actually "short."

    Love is difficult to comprehend. Sometimes, I find it difficult to love others, especially those I don't know or those I may only meet for 10 days in my entire life. With my human limitations, love does take a while, sometimes months and even years to nurture and develop. How can I love when I am only to spend time with them for only 10 days?

    Jesus doesn't think the same way. He values "every hair of our head" and saved us even when we are sinners. He looks at everyone with a different vision. His vision is always so much farther ahead and it is never "short". His vision first discovers the beauty and potentials in everyone's heart. He sees the potentials of healing and refilling to reconstruct the beauty of the heart, and eventually make us whole again.

    Love can be learned. As I look deeply at how Jesus loves me with the vision that is beyond the present, but from the past to the future, I discover that my heart has grown bigger. And that my heart not only has room to love others, but also to reserve love for myself, such as for my own self-care and sustainability for this spiritual prigrimage of serving others.

    As we find the deepest emptiness in a broken heart, we will find the needs and potentials of refilling it with God's love. By regathering the broken pieces, invisibly at times yet gradually, the broken heart will eventually be mended and one day be made whole by the Father's healing hands. Bits and pieces mean a lot. Joint together, a broken heart will eventually be restored.

    That's why short term missions are never "short." I want to end this sharing with this verse taken from 1 Cor 16:14. "Do everything in love." This verse is short and precise but mysteriously difficult to understand. I pray that it may help you reflect on what love truly means in your calling. As we regather the pieces of others, I pray that the pieces of your own heart may be found and regathered by others likewise. All glory to God. Amen! 


    On Friday, June 28, 2019, ww said:

    Hope U all had a safe flight, and a great night's sleep. CHRIST's rich blessings upon U all. May U be empowered by the Holy Spirit on UR mission in Peru.


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