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    Soooo Different

    March 12, 2018 Mac Stanley
    Mac Stanley
    My experiences at Peru can be summed up in the word extraordinary. I have lived in Canada practically my whole life. So when I came to Peru everything was different. The cars, the building, the people and even the church. I went to one of the 11 alliance churches in Trujillo. Almost everything in the church was different, the way that people worship the Lord was astonishing. People had so much passion in how they praised God. The constant amens in the service just showed how much people cared about what the pastor was saying. The way people greeted me, gave me the sense that I belonged there and that the people care about my well being. Also something that struck me is how personal the message was. I am gonna be honest. I did not understand any of the message but the way it spoke to my heart was incredible. Everything was so different but also so amazing. I love the fact that church can be so different but how people can still love God in so many different ways. I have had so many extraordinary experiences here and I am only half way through the week. I am very excited to see how God is going to use me in the rest of this week. I am also looking forward to a big soccer game tonight where we will play the local Peruvians.


    On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, Manuela Kesseler said:

    Thanks so much for sharing, Mac! "I did not understand any of the message but the way it spoke to my heart was incredible." My husband and I had that same experience while living in China and attending an underground Church service in 2000. We were moved to tears although we didn't understand a word that was spoken! It seems so crazy but that's the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts and it is so amazing!! :) Glad you were able to have this experience and hope it will stay with you forever. Was just watching some World Cup soccer btw and would love an update on the outcome of that soccer match vs the Peruvians, lol! :)


    On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Steve Gaunt said:

    Well said, Mac! Glad you are enjoying your experience in Peru. Love hearing about the passion of the Lord's people as they praise Him. A prelude to this: Rev. 7:9,10!


    On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Tim said:

    The body of Christ is a beautiful and diverse thing Mac! Glad God showed you a sliver of how unique and awesome He made the church that you get to be a part of!


    On Monday, March 12, 2018, Karen MacDonald said:

    Hey Mac. Thanks so much for your testimony. It is pretty amazing to realize that, despite cultural differences, language differences and various worship styles....we are all serving the same God who in His magnificence meets the needs of all of those who, though very different, seek Him. Praying for you all in your time remaining. Have fun at the soccer game!


    On Monday, March 12, 2018, Mary Wright said:

    Hey, Mac! What a wonderful experience to worship with others who love God, and not even understand the language! Praying that the joy of the Lord that you are experiencing will be your strength the rest of the week! BTW, Go Canada!! "Aunt Mary";)


    On Monday, March 12, 2018, Aunt B, Grandma & Aunt Melanie said:

    Great update! Looking forward to hearing how God will continue to surprise you. Say hi to Caleb!


    On Monday, March 12, 2018, Mom said:

    Great to read your post Mac and glad to see the work gloves are being put to use. Praying that the Lord will continue to speak to your heart in incredible ways. Love you lots😚


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