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    Wow. We have such a great God.

    March 10, 2018 Adele St. John

    Hey family, friends, church family and all Mission Peru supporters. My name is Adele and I am going to share a little bit about what God has been revealing and working in my life on Mission Peru 2018. So to start off I need to just say wow we have such a good good God. Our team has been blessed with some of the LORD’s amazing servants, both the missionaries here in Peru and the leaders that came down with our team. They have taught me so much, and are such good role models of what serving for God looks like. The missionaries here in Peru have been doing amazing things and it has been inspiring and has started a flame for missions burning inside my heart. One of the most prominent things that have happened was today when we went to Elim to join in on the children’s ministries. We were singing worship songs all together and it hit me that even with our language barriers we were all in one room, all ages praising the same God. The God who sent his son to die on the cross for all of our sins, because of the love he has for us. I have witnessed God’s grace and faithfulness through this week so far and it has only been three days. I know that God has brought me to Peru for a reason and as I am starting to see why, little by little. God’s timing is beautiful and perfect so I will continue in obedience, working hard and serving the people in Peru. We were reminded to take heart and wait for the LORD. God will reveal his purpose to me in time and I am so excited for it. Today has been very emotional for me. The children touched my heart today and I have never felt so humbled. Even the thankfulness that the parents showed to us loving on their kids was amazing. God’s mercy and grace is everywhere and it has been so important for me to be reminded of. Though they have very little they are so joyful and loving because of God. This is a lesson I have learned and not been the one to teach. It is only day three and I have witnessed things that are life changing and will not be forgotten. God saves, he is good and perfect. Thank you for all your prayers as our team will need it. We are headed into some heavy days, like at the garbage dump. These days to come are going to be long, tiring and hard but by God’s grace we will work through them to give glory to God.


    On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Steve Gaunt said:

    Beautiful, Adele! So glad to hear how God is at work in your heart. What an amazing experience you are having. Praying that God will continue to fan into flame that passion he is igniting in you for missions (2 Tim. 1:6). Keep that fire burning when you return!


    On Monday, March 12, 2018, Mary Wright said:

    Thanks for sharing, Adele. May you and your friends keep seeing God's mercy and grace as you continue to serve.


    On Sunday, March 11, 2018, Mary Stanley said:

    Beautifully said , Adele. I rejoice in hearing how God is at work in your life.


    On Sunday, March 11, 2018, Mom said:

    Hi Duckie, soooo proud of you all and your desire to hear the Lord in your midst. Praying God does speak His loving words to you and in turn you can speak and serve to those around you. Praying as you are emptied, that you can see and feel His presence filling you with all you need and in turn showing He will supply all your needs . xo


    On Sunday, March 11, 2018, Barbara said:

    Adele! What a wonderful update! He is a great God! What a gift that he has chosen you to minister to these children and has chosen these children to minister to you too! Praying for each of you just now that the Lord would continue to reveal his presence and his character to you while you serve him, both in Peru and when you return home.


    On Saturday, March 10, 2018, Karen MacDonald said:

    Adele, what a wonderful testimony of God's goodness...both in the many mercies He has displayed in the trip so far and in the joy He has given to those who, at first blush, have so little. May He continue to stir your heart with a love for His children and for the lost. May He continue to strengthen and uphold you in the days ahead...in both the good and the hard. Praying for you!! Hugs!


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